Monday, September 24, 2012

Documentaries, Political Ads, and Picturebooks!

  • The Picture Book Maker allows students to create six page stories by dragging background scenes into a page, dragging in animals and props, and typing text. All of the elements can be sized an positioned to fit the pages. Text is limited to roughly two lines per page. Completed stories are displayed with simple page turning effects.
  • It's limited, but could be a fun activity to switch things up in class. Ex: Have your junior science class explain an advanced topic in layman's terms. 
  • Here is a book that I started to create - Please click here to view the book.
Chockadoc – A Catalog of Online Documentaries
  • 1000s of online documentaries – for free
  • Some are hosted on Youtube (requires director/principal approval), some are hosted on a simple in bedded video player
  • It's definitely worth browsing and seeing what/if any would work as a good unit extension
  • From the US Constitution Center
  • Students can create a political ad for themselves – For either the Democratic or Republican Party or "The Great New Party" (Their own)
  • Very relevant with November's election

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Google Chrome, MIT, and Dynamic Blogs

  1. a blog entry on how to make a dynamic blog and free blog resources:
  2. More than 11,000 free educational videos from MIT -
  3. If any of you use Google Chrome, here are 7 Chrome Applications that can be used online. Google Chrome is an AWESOME web browser. You can request that 'HELP' install it on your computer if you're sick of Internet Explorer!!!