Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running...free resources...and TRADING CARDS!

I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! I know that I certainly ate my fair share of the Long Family Feast. Thank goodness I'm about to start marathon training for the 2013 Boston Marathon! HEY…speaking of running and mapping my runs and how we all ate too much…

mapmyrun is a great site to actually measure running, walking, and biking (or blading) routes right on a map! You can also track your workouts, post the to brag on social media sites, and see saved workouts and routes in your area! It's great. I use it often. How to use this for education? Well, you can use it to get back into shape/in better shape…you can use it to promote health and wellness to your students (cross-curricular)…

And. HERE is an overwhelming list of FREE apps, audiobooks, ebooks, textbooks, foreign language lessons, test prep materials, and web resources. It's continually being added-to and expanded upon, so feel free to check back often!! 

And finally, who wouldn't love a trading card of Shakespeare…or perhaps some other historical figure. Babe Ruth, Shmabe Ruth! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trading-cards/id555742821?mt=8# is an APP (free) that allows you to make trading cards for a:
  • Fictional person
    • Real person
    • Fictional place
    • Real place
    • Object
    • Event
    • Vocabulary word

Friday, November 16, 2012

For some specific departments

Here are some department-specific resources that I've found…

Circuits.io is a free website on which you can design and test electrical circuits. You can design your circuits using the virtual version of components that you could purchase and place on a circuit board. As you design your circuits, Circuits.io will tell you if your circuits will work or not. 

A Glimpse of Teenage Life in Ancient Rome is a new TED-Ed lesson developed by Ray Laurence from the University of Kent. The video and its associated questions feature the story of seventeen year old Lucius Popidius Secundus.

through Google Maps Mania there is a new Google Chrome Web GL Experiment called 100,000 Stars that also does a good job of helping viewers understand the scale of the universe. 100,000 Stars is a visualization of the 100,000 stars closest to Earth. You can view the stars on your own or take an automated tour of the stars. 

Google Books is a great place to find all kinds of books and magazines that you can preview and or read for free online or on your ereader device.You can use Google Books to create lists of free books any students can access for research assignments. Do that by searching for a topic in Google Books, filtering results to show only "free Google eBooks," putting the titles on a Google Bookshelf, then sharing the link.  students can then visit the bookshelf to see the books that you have recommended to them.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Higher Order Thinking...

Over 50 online (or PDF) forms to encourage students' Higher Order thinking (Think, Pair, Share…Where do you Stand…Mottos…and more!). Just click on the links and be taken to the form where they can type in their responses, or you could print them to be hand-written. 

Once they type them in, they can then save them to their H-drive or computer, upload into GoogleDocs after they save it, and SHARE with you. Total Integration Station! AWESOME! NO PAPER! HIGHER THINKING. WINNING! 

Youtube-hosted TED Education videos. More thought-provoking than lessons themselves, but it's fairly new and I'm sure it'll grow. (note: Youtube access required…obviously)