Wednesday, March 13, 2013



So, I came across this simple, yet kind of fun tool to create a TEXT MESSAGE conversation between two people. (

This is not a send-a-junk-text app or anything. Check out the sample ( I made (let it load). I was lucky enough to text w/ Cardinal O'Malley about the papal conclave…

Thoughts on how to use this? Have students create a conversation at home w/ a character from a book, a historical figure, even make them humanize something that is non-living - "Hey Mt. Vesuvius – why are you so erupty?" "Well, Kevin, I'm a volcano and this is how I work…" 

or even… 

"Good Morning, Uncle Pythagoras – I'm still confused about your theorem!" 
"Good morning, Kevin, I don't understand what's so tough about this… it's a RELATIONSHIP … In any right-angled triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares whose sides are the two legs (the two sides that meet at a right angle). I'm SOOOO annoyed with you asking so often"

The possibilities are endless! You are able to get a unique link to share your conversation, so it is easy for students to share them with one another and with you! You can even EMBED the convos! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New to iPad?

I'm sure you have all missed my emails to delete, so here's another. I have still been recovering from that traumatic building meeting and not quite had the confidence to email yet, but I'M BACK! 

Here is just a brief email for anyone who may be new to the world of iPads or might be considering buying one. 

10 Great Apps for a Teacher new to iPads: